When I Travel,

my camera is never far away. I'll take thousands of photos a day, letting my lens lead me.  I have to test every exposure, every angle, and consequently, I sometimes hold up the group or get left behind.

Inspiration was always easy when I went somewhere new and exciting, but after one year of living in New York City, I realized I had hardly taken any pictures at all. Every morning, I'd venture out into the bustle, leaving my camera behind, and missing out on capturing the moments of my home city

In 2018, I made the resolution to change this habit by giving myself the arduous task of shooting, editing, and posting a new photograph for every day of the year. It's not always easy. There have been many times my day has gotten the better of me and I rushed to find something interesting to photograph before midnight. I've edited my photos in cafes, airports, and even in the back of a Lyft seventeen minutes before midnight.

By the end of my long year of constant photographing and constant posting, I learned a lot about myself as a photographer and started seeing the world differently.