One Month of Post-Grad

The thing about finishing school a semester early, is that it hasn't really hit me yet. I went straight from my last final to Christmas shopping and then to a week of lounging on the couch in New Jersey with my dog. And I can't even show you guys a cap and gown photo, because my commencement ceremony won't be until the Spring anyway. My roommates are still on Winter break, but will be going back to classes soon and leave me home alone to color balance until I'm blind while listening Food Network as background noise. 

Just kidding...kind of. 

I do have a lot going on for me right now between shooting for Trends and Tolstoy and building my portfolio. And I've got a lot to look forward to in 2015 (look for some big announcements later this week). But sometimes Boston can get very cold (-1 degrees last Thursday), and you need to take a day to stay inside, drink tea, and give your vast photo collection that's taking up more than half of your computer's RAM another look through. Or you can update your blog.

I'm currently working on a new page on the website for my portraits work. This will include everything from T&T work, to casual shots and candids of my friends, and maybe even some new stuff. Here's a little preview of that from a shoot I did with my friend Ripley.