Website is Launched!

Welcome to my new website! 


I’m so happy and excited to finally have a place to compile all my photos from my travels and other ongoing projects. Upon graduating from Emerson College (as of less than a month ago), I realized that a digital portfolio is really the only way to go these days. I’ll be keeping it updated and adding more photos to my collections as I continue to photograph and work on my projects. Travel photos will also be added as I continue to go through my archives and of course, as soon as I get to go travel again. (Which is very very soon!)

As far as this blog goes, I’m going to treat it somewhat like a diary with updates on what I’m shooting, where I’m going, ongoing projects, camera gear I’m drooling over, etc. I’ve got a lot of ideas for posts that I’m excited to get started on. My primary goal for this blog is for it to be the perfect marriage between images and words. I want to be a storyteller through both my writing and photography.

So a quick update on my life right now that I’ve finished my website.

I am still living in Boston and now that I'm done with  school, I am enjoying my free time to read, write, and take photographs.

I’m working with Trends and Tolstoy doing weekly fashion shoots and learning more about fashion and blogging photography. On my days off, I am working to continue my “Lost and Found” and “Glitchwork” projects.

I have got a lot of exciting stuff coming up this year and I can’t wait to blog about it and share my photos with you guys.

If you have any ideas on what you’d like to see my post and write about, I’m open to suggestions.