New York Fashion Week // Spring 2015

Last week, Celina and I abandoned the snowy tundra that used to be the city of Boston for one of the most hugely photographed events in the world-- New York Fashion Week.

We rushed up and down the grid of Manhattan from show to show, bouncing from blogger make-up sessions to gorgeous installations. 

 I marched into the fearsome photographer's pit equipped with top of the line equipment sticking out like vicious teeth and claimed a spot for me and my little Canon. Some of my angles were okay and some were amazing, but I couldn't be happier with how my photos came out. 

There are some things you have to learn on your own, like how to time your shutter with the flash of another photographer's more expensive camera system or how to walk into a room like you're totally supposed to be there and aren't just a plus one. Even though at times, I felt like a guppy in a sea of big fish, I had a job to do. I had to get the shots Celina needed and they were going to be the best.

The first thing I learned is that the model is only going to be in view for about fifteen seconds and they're only going to stand still for about four. Find your focus, line up your shot, and shoot. Repeat until the lights go up and there are no more models. Don't even think about taking your eye off the viewfinder until the show is over. In fact, don't even think about breathing again until then. 

e IMG_7506.jpg

This quick-style mode of photography is very new to me. Typically when I shoot mountains and lakes for my landscapes, they don't get up and walk away. But I loved the high stakes of it all, the rush of getting the perfect shot alongside hundreds of other photographers shooting away. 

My two favorite shows to shoot were Laurel Dewitt's show at The Church of the Holy Apostles and Malan Breton's show at Lincoln Center. Laurel Dewitt's collection featured a series of metallic chainmail gowns and headpieces that were beautiful and pleasure to take pictures of. 

e IMG_7490 copy.jpg

As for Malan Breton's show, I had an amazing spot and it seemed like the models were coming from every direction in their funky wig and pantsuit combinations and gorgeous dresses. I particularly loved the signature tangerine wedding dress as the show's finale. The color and the glamor were truly stunning. 

My photographs from both these shows were featured on Trends and Tolstoy and Pretty Connected.

New York Fashion was an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience and I truly love my shots. And the pampering wasn't bad either. Here's Celina after getting her hair and makeup done with Caravan Studios. 

Also, special thanks to the gorgeous Celina for making this all of this happen!


When it was my turn to get gussied up, the makeup artist joked and asked who would be taking my picture. I'm happy I could tell him honestly that I much prefer being behind the camera.

But that doesn't mean I'm above posting a selfie on Instagram almost immediately after he was finished with my look...

So hooray for my first ever fashion week and wait-- I have an announcement to make!

 With the completion of my week of fashion in New York, I am opening up a new section on the website for my style photography under the "Style" tab.

I'll have tabs for my runway shows and a special section for my blogger photoshoots (still in progress). So if you liked these, feel free to go on and explore the site!