Behind the Photo: Seals are Rude as Hell

I took this photo while hiking through the Red Rocks Seal reservation in Wellington, New Zealand.  Though this little guy looks peaceful as he soaks up the sun, not all the seals were so cute. Here's a short anecdote I wrote for a contest about some of the locals I encountered at Red Rocks.

I was crouching down with my camera resting between my knees, trying to stay quiet. In front of me were three snoring fur seals. My friends Bob and Lee were behind me, warning me not to get too close, reminding me of the sign that read to keep at least three meters away. But I was enraptured with seals' sleeping forms, their heaving hunks of blubber. They were peaceful and in the moment I wished I could be a seal, sleeping away the daylight on a warm rock. Then, the middle seal woke up. I was alarmed and scooted back as he lifted up his body lazily, looking me dead in the eyes. Suddenly, he vomits. Watery seal bile splashes across the rocks and on to the other sleeping seals as the vomiting one thrashes his head around, spreading his vomit erratically like a malfunctioning sprinkler head. The others seals bark at him and wriggle their slimy bodies away and when he has finished, he rests his heads back down and resumes his nap. 

"Oh my god!" I scream.
"His friends were so pissed!"Lee chimes in.
Bob mimics the seal's belching and thrashing and my sides start to hurt from laughing.

DSC_0428 copy.jpg