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10 Things to Expect at a traditional  Japanese Ryokan,

"When you walk into a Japanese ryokan—or traditional Japanese inn—you should be tired and dirty. Your back should ache and your feet should be sore. The best way to experience a ryokan is the way the people they were built for did. Along Japan’s old highways, innkeepers welcomed weary travelers who had walked long distances—and who likely still had a long journey ahead of them."

Dancing in the Ruins of Budapest's District VII,
Passion Passport

"The only way to experience it all is to dive in to the madness. Grab a drink and keep moving, letting every stimulus guide your next decision. Explore all the rooms: the hookah bar, the wine lounge, the open-mic stage, maybe choosing to linger in the room filled with boxy old televisions hanging from the wall like flies caught in a web of Christmas lights." 


How to Safari Like You're on Assignment for nat geo,

"Of course, if they wanted us to step out into the brush, I knew it couldn’t be anything dangerous. I hoped for an elephant graveyard, but expected a tortoise. I figured if we’d be getting up close to anything still living, it would have to be slow-moving.

That’s when I saw the cheetah and the carcass."



How to Invite yourself over for dinner in croatia,

"'I never know what I’m going to make until that morning when I go to the market, look around, and see what’s good … and then I decide,' she told us while arranging glistening tomato slices onto slices of bread for bruschetta. 'And since I never write any of my recipes down, each night is different.'

What makes every meal in Tatjana’s home so exciting is the knowledge the food is subject to her every whim, changing form constantly before arriving on a plate in front of you."

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10 Beaches you have to see in Winter

"Iceland's Black Sand Beach is a striking sight no matter what time of year you go. With mossy cliffs and basalt columns, the intense beauty of this spot only grows in the winter. Go to see the large ocean waves that roll in and white snow as it falls atop the black sand. You might even feel like you've stepped into a black-and-white photograph."


Why the next big food city might be right under your nose,

"For Northeasterners, the drive between New York and Boston is notoriously boring. There are very few attractions along the stretch worthy of a pit-stop, and the only source of entertainment is wondering why it takes so long to drive through Connecticut. In order to compensate, drivers rush and settle for quick-fixes at fast food chains or diners advertised on the highway. But, unknown to most, there is a secret oasis along I-95 where award-winning restaurants and a lively food city are waiting to astound you."