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10 Things to Expect at a traditional  Japanese Ryokan,

"When you walk into a Japanese ryokan—or traditional Japanese inn—you should be tired and dirty. Your back should ache and your feet should be sore. The best way to experience a ryokan is the way the people they were built for did. Along Japan’s old highways, innkeepers welcomed weary travelers who had walked long distances—and who likely still had a long journey ahead of them."

Dancing in the Ruins of Budapest's District VII,
Passion Passport

"The only way to experience it all is to dive in to the madness. Grab a drink and keep moving, letting every stimulus guide your next decision. Explore all the rooms: the hookah bar, the wine lounge, the open-mic stage, maybe choosing to linger in the room filled with boxy old televisions hanging from the wall like flies caught in a web of Christmas lights." 


How to Safari Like You're on Assignment for nat geo,

"Of course, if they wanted us to step out into the brush, I knew it couldn’t be anything dangerous. I hoped for an elephant graveyard, but expected a tortoise. I figured if we’d be getting up close to anything still living, it would have to be slow-moving.

That’s when I saw the cheetah and the carcass."