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I had come to source of my first heartbreak
Like a fissure in the Earth's crust
I stood on a bridge in the rain
Over a black river
And the light of the city fill me with urgency
Pointed light, with sharp shadows and ridges
A gold foil cut out
So sharp, it could slice open
The tips of your fingers
I had come here to the source of heartbreak
Not knowing if I'd even like what I found
But of course
It was beautiful
I should've known

I was at a beginning, a middle, and an end
Margaret's Bridge
I had taken a train from Pest
Stopped to see the Parliament
And I could cross over into Buda
Or take the steps down to
Margaret's Island
It's here where
The black dog on the black island
Came from behind and scared me
Surprised me
But when I looked in his face
He was smiling
His tail was wagging
He was happy to see me
I smiled back at the shadow dog
Watched as he and his owner walked towards
The golden light of the city
At the end of the island
Silhouettes cast against a silhouette
Was this a city
That could only be felt at night?